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Why Choose Ceramic Tiles For Floors And Walls?

by Sushant

Ceramics are very popular nowadays. Ceramic tiles are one of the most favourable options for floors and walls because of their high feasibility and low cost compared to other materials like marble. They are even recommended by interior designers owing to the wide aesthetic varieties of the tiles. Moreover, the tiles are available in several different shapes and sizes that you can utilize to decorate your dream wall or floor. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of using ceramic tiles.

Environment Friendly 

Ceramic tiles are manufactured from clay, sand, and glass. The process and the tiles produced are eco-compatible. A lot of recyclable items are often used for the manufacture of these tiles. This makes the ceramic tiles environment-friendly throughout their life cycle. In addition to this, the manufactured tiles have to pass the stringent standards of environmental and quality certifications. Therefore, you should always check for proper certifications before purchasing ceramic tiles.

Easy To Clean 

Ceramic tiles have a very low maintenance cost. They do not require any deep cleaning. Simple cleaning and optional sealing are enough for these tiles. However, if you wish to deep clean these tiles, you can easily use aggressive detergents. This will not affect the tiles. Generally, you can use just warm water to clean the tiles. Ordinary disinfectants and floor cleaners work just fine on the ceramic tiles.

Extensive Availability 

Ceramic tiles are available in numerous shapes and sizes. This makes them a top choice for interior decorators. These tiles are also available in a varied range of aesthetics. That is why they are used extensively in complex projects. Due to the numerous shapes and sizes, they form much more than a cladding material. Ceramic tiles are even available in trim pieces, which makes them suitable for technical projects.

Cost Factor 

When compared with materials like marble, ceramic tiles are cheaper. There are various grades of ceramic tiles. The price depends on the grade of the ceramic. The higher the quality, the more expensive the tile will be. Even after considering all the quality factors, ceramic is a feasible option.

Inert Nature 

Ceramic tiles do not emit any volatile organic compounds ( VOCs) due to their inert nature. This reduces the threat of harmful allergies and infections, which may be caused due to the VOCs. Furthermore, as ceramic tiles do not react to any chemicals, it makes them safe even in demolition and disposal. This is one of the prime reasons why people prefer ceramic tiles.

Resistant To Weather Conditions Like Frost

Ceramic tiles are resistant to severe weather conditions like frost. Thus they can be conveniently used for the outdoor walls. These tiles also prevent damping, making them the perfect choice for walls and floors. Moreover, ceramic tiles are best suited for heated floors.


It can be easily said that ceramic tiles are one of the best choices for floors and walls. All of the above points prove the advantages of using ceramics. This increases the value of your home in terms of both resale price and beauty.

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