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When Should You Avail the Services of a DUI Lawyer?

by Sushant

Depending on the state that you live in, getting arrested for driving while drinking can be a very serious offense, and you might be charged with severe penalties. This crime of yours is known as DUI. DUI stands for Driving under the influence, and driving after being intoxicated can be a huge crime that will be charged heavily.

After you get caught driving under the influence, you will be arrested right on the spot. If you are a first-timer, you might be confused or scared about what you can do to ensure a good outcome for the case that you have put yourself in. This is where a DUI lawyer becomes an important person to seek help from. 

Who is a DUI attorney?

The legal range for a person’s blood-alcohol level falls in between 0.05% and 0.08%. Any person will be charged and arrested under a DUI if their blood level alcohol content extends 0.12%. A person can even be convicted if she or he is caught after being tested with a breathalyzer. 

A DUI lawyer is a criminal lawyer who will help you out if you ever get into trouble like this. The attorney will be representing you if you are charged with either a DUI or a DWI and can help you out even after you are arrested. They will be there for you the entire time as the court process for a case of driving under the influence can be lengthy. 

When to Hire a DUI attorney?

There are several circumstances where a DUI attorney can help you out. You should know when you must contact one before it is too late. Here are a few circumstances when you need to avail of the services of a DUI attorney:

  • They will help you not to get convicted

When your BAC (blood alcohol level) extends 0.08%, there is a high chance that you will either be convicted or be charged with severe fines. These fines can be too much for you to handle as a first-timer, and hiring a DUI will do you good. They will be there during the whole trial and will plead for your charges to be dropped or lessened. 

They can also ensure to bring witnesses to the court so that you do not end up going to jail. They will try their best to free you of the charges. 

  • They will help you if your license is suspended

After being charged with a DUI, your license might get suspended for a while so that you will not be able to drive. This is when you need to hire a DUI lawyer so that you do not have to face this. A DUI attorney will fight the case for you to gain your suspended license back. 

  • Other circumstances 

If you were driving under the influence and caused harm to others on the road because of your carelessness, then you must hire a DUI attorney to help you out of the mess that you might have put yourself into. 


So these were a few ways how a DUI attorney can help you out if you are ever charged with a DUI case. Do not delay hiring one, as the sooner you hire a lawyer, the better it will be for the case. 

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