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Top 5 Academy Award Winning Movies That You Must Watch

by Sushant
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Academy Awards are the epitome of success for any movie or actor. The directors, actors, writers put in years of effort to create that one movie that will win the heart of people from all around the world.

The movies that even make it to the nomination category of academy awards are considered successful; imagine the content quality that the academy awards winner movie must be having. People are working in the entertainment business long for this award. They work day and night just to create that one script that is going to make it to one of the highest honors in the entertainment industry of the planet.

We give you the top 5 academy award winners that are a must-watch:

1. Joker-

Played by Joaquin Phoenix, the joker is one of the most famous characters on the planet. Originated from the batman series, the joker movie is one of the most epic portrayals of the character once played by the great Heath Ledger. If you want to see some very quality acting and an epic movie line, the joker is the best option.

In the year 2019, joker won 11 nominations and two academy awards.

2. Parasite-

The Parasite is a dark comedy South Korean movie. It is directed by Bong Joon-Ho. This is an epic depiction of how servants take over a wealthy family’s household due to their ignorance. The plot and the story are very unique and are way out of the imagination for the average artist. This movie won 6 nominations and four academy awards for the year 2019.

It is a must-watch for the lovers of dark comedy.

3. Forrest Gump-

This movie is based upon the fact that even if you have a low level of intelligence, you can achieve anything if you have good intentions. The legendary tom hanks play the character of Forrest Gump. Gump thinks that anything is achievable in life if you work hard enough for it. If you are in for some motivation, you can watch Forrest Gump.

It has got 13 academy award nominations and six academy awards.

4. Goodfellas-

Based on the book wiseguys, this movie is the old classic portrayal of the Italian mafia who dominated the city for a long time. This movie has many actors involved who played their Italian character in a very unique way. This movie contains a particular bit of comedy, a lot of business, and a little bit of romance. It is a perfect balance of thrill and emotions.

Goodfellas has got six academy award nominations and one academy award.

5. The silence of the lambs-

With seven academy award nominations and five academy awards, this movie is one of the world’s highest-rated psychological thrillers. This movie is based upon a murderer who goes around killing young women from all across the town. This movie has got much to it than just a murderer. It is a must-watch.


The very brief of these movies don’t do justice to what they are. The movies mentioned above are among the best that there can be. All of these movies set up a benchmark for others to follow. Some of these were released decades ago, yet they set up a threshold that no one has quite achieved yet.

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