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Top 3 International Cuisines That You Must Try

by Sushant
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Travelling and food are two things in life that make most of us happy. Traveling to a particular place or enjoying a delicacy isn’t about checking your list; but it is more about experiencing things. It is about having an experience worthy enough to hold on to for the rest of your life. Actual travelers don’t go to places just for their Instagram handle; but instead, they go for the experience. The same goes for food enthusiasts as well. It is the experience of eating the food that makes it tasty.

These are the top 3 cuisines that are worthy enough to be experienced at least once.

1. Indian cuisine-

The country of masalas is a very unique food destination of the world. If you ever get a chance to enjoy the authentic ethnic cuisine of India, don’t hold back. The food in this country varies as per the regions and the cultures that the people follow in a particular place. Indian cuisine is among those very few that provide so many variances in vegetarian dishes as well.

The primary food in their cuisines is chapatis, veg curries, lentils, and rice. Apart from the veg cuisines, Indian cuisine provides an epic range of nonveg food as well. Butter chicken, naan, fish curries, etc., are among the top Indian dishes that are popular all across the world.

All of the dishes in Indian cuisine contain spicy masalas that provide very unique flavors to all of their dishes.

2. Thai Cuisine-

Thai cuisine has gained a lot of popularity in the USA and other countries of the world. It is a perfect balance of boiled, spicy, pounded, and curry foods. Thai cuisine has got a vast range of food that mainly consists of seafood. Although with the upcoming vegan trend, there are many vegan options in their dishes as well.

Many Thai cuisine chains have also come up all across the world that provides authentic ethnic Thai food. Their food’s basic taste is not very spicy, and they contain a heavy amount of veggies.

3. French Cuisines-

A true food enthusiast will always know that French cuisine is much bigger than just cheese and wine. French cuisine is actually among the most popular cuisine in the world, and people travel to France for this very reason. People want to experience the authentic French cuisine that is much more vast than just cheese, wine, and bread.

French eating habits are more about experiencing the food rather than just eating it. They spend a considerable amount of time preparing their dishes and enjoying them.


The world cuisine is not limited to these three mentioned above. The food industry is among the biggest industries in the world. People are traveling to unknown places for the very purpose of experiencing the food of that place. Nowadays people are also more health-conscious regarding their food habits thus they keep a “foodcation” week planned to just travel and eat.