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Shooting Incident In Colorado Supermarket: Debunked

by Sushant
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On Monday, 22nd of March, 10 people were killed in a mass shooting including a policeman, in King Soopers grocery store, in Boulder, Colorado, United States. A timeline from the Boulder Police department stated, “At approximately 2:40 p.m. March 22nd Monday, several armed officers were deployed to King Sooper to take care of a shootout incident.”

It also says that a few minutes after the incident, police officers reached the spot, entered the store, and fought with the suspect. During gunfire with the suspect, the accused was shot who was further taken to the hospital. Currently, the Boulder Police department and the FBI are investigating the case to know the details. The authorities have revealed the names and identities of the shooting victims.

An Overview of the Horror in Colorado Supermarket

A witness managed to capture the video of this horrifying incident in Colorado Supermarket. This witness is Dean Schiller, who posted the video of the incident on Instagram that shows people lying quietly inside and outside the grocery store with the terrifying sound of gun fires in the background. The Police radio traffic described a similar scenario. According to the New York times, an AR-15-style gun was used by the gunman to execute the shooting.

The accused is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21. He was admitted to a hospital due to a leg injury during the gunfire with the police. He would be moved to the Boulder County Jail immediately after he gets well.

But rumours have popped after a few hours of the shooting. A Facebook user with around 60,000 followers posted saying the mass shooting was fake. He wrote, “So-called shooting in Boulder, CO is a fake…false flag like most of the others. Don’t doubt me on this”.

Many other users posted similar updates mentioning that the mass shooting was staged. A person posted on Instagram writing, “OMFG THIS IS FAKE!!!!!!!!! STAGED!!!!!!”. This message went out to the public that the incident was fake and the whole scenario was staged. These people mentioned the incident as a conspiracy.

According to Politifact, this concept of conspiracy about mass shootings first came out in 2012, 26 children and staff members were killed at Sandy Hook elementary school, Newtown, Connecticut. One of the victim’s fathers said that conspiracy theorists took him to hide. And soon after the statement, the spike of the term, ‘false flag’ flooded Facebook. The exact scenario has happened after the unfortunate gunfire incident in Colorado Supermarket.

Final Thoughts

However, Facebook has taken down these posts as an effort to stop the distribution of fake news and misinformation on Facebook. The false Flag conspiracy theory was thrown again which says that mass shootings are staged. Nevertheless, there is no such evidence that mass shootings are always planned or are fake.

The big media houses have abolished the claim that the Colorado mass shooting was fake or staged after talking to the witnesses and examining the pieces of evidence. Politifact and USA Today stated that it is ridiculous to say that the mass shooting was staged and mentioned the claim as false.