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How to select the perfect color for your home?

by Sushant
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After constructing your dream house, one first thing that comes to mind is what color would suit the exterior and the interior. This can be considerable confusion, and the choices may vary from person to person. Family members may have different color options for different rooms, while your home designer may instruct you to paint a completely different shade.

However, the decision depends on many factors that should be considered before picking the color that would match the house. Maintaining harmony and balance in color shades is mandatory to beautify the house. Random color selection can lead to a disaster to the look of the house.

Selecting the perfect home color

The color of the house should blend perfectly with the interior as well as the exterior. To make that happen, you have to consider several factors. Don’t put a color that you like. Choose a color that harmonises with the home design, furniture, and decoration.

So, here are some tips and suggestions on how to choose the right color for your house.

  • Choose the color at last- First, think of the furniture colors, the shade of the flooring, and other elements in the room. Only then you can select a color that would match correctly. Otherwise, you would need to make the furniture and flooring that match the wall color, which will be difficult and costly.
  • Consider the weather- Select a neutral or cool color if you stay in a warm-weather condition. You may choose a warm color if you are living in a cold place. This is important to give you comfort and make it eye-soothing.
  • Choose a color theme- If you intend to paint different colors in separate rooms, make sure to choose a color theme and palette. Don’t paint yellow on one wall and merge pink in it. It would look clumsy. Choosing a color theme is therefore essential.
  • Stick to neutral- Though it depends on your choice, neutral color always gives a classy look to your house irrespective of what furniture or flooring you have. This is a safe option to go for and always matches the best with all interior and exterior types.
  • Contrast- If you want to give a distinctive look and merge colors, create a contrast between walls. Contrast with light and dark shades to give a catchy look to the walls. However, try to choose eye-soothing colors. Don’t go for uncomfortably dark shades.
  • Avoid colors that absorb light- Black, grey, or dark violet are colors that don’t reflect light properly and give a dull look to the room during nights. Choose colors that reflect light like yellow, ivory, white, etc.
  • Take help from a color consultant- Color consultants can examine your wish and select a color theme for your house. They have the best ideas regarding home color selection.

Concluding Thoughts

These are the tips that you must consider before selecting a color for your home. Prioritise your eye-comfort and select the color that looks elegant. You may also choose vibrant colors but make sure to create a contrast and follow a color scheme. Get ready to paint your dream house!

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