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Is Weightlifting Good For Your Body?

by Sushant
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Weightlifting is not only for bodybuilders or athletes, or sportswomen. Intense workout in the gym also involves weightlifting, and physicians and fitness often recommend it to obese people and physically weak individuals. Therefore it has many health benefits.

However, it is a risky task as forceful weightlifting can lead to severe injuries. If done without following the correct procedure, weightlifting can cause harm. The process has to be slow and steady. You can’t expect to lift a heavyweight on the very first day. Similarly, if you discontinue the practice, you can’t get the benefits of weightlifting.

Anyone interested in weightlifting must consult a fitness expert who can examine your body condition, listen to your requirements, and decide the procedure of weightlifting to be followed. He would also suggest a diet. Moreover, if you want to practice weightlifting at home, you must get instructions from an expert and plan out your weightlifting routine.

How is weightlifting good for your health?

A weightlifting is a form of intensive workout that most people exercise for bodybuilding and enhancing strength. Though these are two common factors for which people prefer weightlifting, it has some more benefits that general people can attain.

Especially if you go to a gym for body fitness, you will most likely do some sort of weightlifting. But, you can do that at home as well. And, you can see visible changes in your body in just a few weeks if you work on it regularly.

Now let us see what health benefits are offered by weightlifting.

Weight loss-

As mentioned before, weightlifting is a part of an intensive workout, and thus, it helps to burn body fat and reduce your weight. Weightlifting boosts metabolism and burns muscle calories. This further helps you to get rid of obesity and many other diseases keeping the organs active and well-functioning.

Muscle strength-

As you lift a weight, it puts strain on your muscles. Gradually, it helps to strengthen your muscles as it encourages the secretion of growth hormones. This not only increases your muscle mass but also makes it stronger and more challenging to withstand pressure and strain. Thus, your muscle activities become more seamless than before.

Bone and joint strength-

Weightlifting involves exercises and movements of bones and joints. This naturally makes the joints more flexible and soft. Your bone strength is increased as well as it adapts to withstanding the pressure of the weight. You gain more bone and joint strength as well as flexibility.

Weightlifting Reduce injury chances-

As your joints become flexible and bones and muscles become stronger, you are less likely to get injured because of improved muscle coordination and body balance.


Weightlifting keeps you fit and healthy. It improves your heart health as well as keeps the organs well-functioning. You build your stamina and body strength, keeping disease away and your body healthy and fit.

Learn the right way to lift weights to get the maximum benefit. Make sure to consult an expert before starting your weightlifting journey.