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Is Vinegar Good for Cleaning Bathrooms?

by Sushant
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If you are thinking about cleaning your bathroom like professional bathroom cleaning services, then white vinegar can be the best option. There are various types of vinegar including white vinegar, cleaning vinegar, and cooking vinegar like rice, malt, apple cider, red wine, white wine, balsamic, and a lot more. But for cleaning bathrooms, definitely cleaning vinegar, a type of white vinegar, is the best option. It is not precisely like white vinegar can clean all kinds of stains and surfaces. But what we all typically miss is using vinegar to clean bathrooms. White vinegar will help one tackle all those messes that are hard to clean inside your bathroom much more effectively and efficiently. 

Vinegar As A Good Bathroom Cleaner

White vinegar has high acid levels, which help dissolve soap scum and loosen deposits of minerals such as lime and rust. It also acts as a strong disinfectant by creating a challenging environment for many micrograms like bacteria, viruses due to its high acidic nature. Hence, vinegar has all the features to make it the best bathroom cleaner. Studies have shown that vinegar is equally effective as bleach to remove E.coli from various sponges and surfaces. It also efficiently cuts out grease and helps in deodorizing. But all vinegar is not equivalent. Each has its use. For cleaning purposes, white vinegar is undoubtedly the best option.

Ways To Use Vinegar For Bathroom Cleaning

  • Shower Head- Hard water can quickly form deposits on the showerhead, and water flow will slow down. Such deposits are easily dissolved by vinegar, and the showerhead will again work properly like before. You need to place the showerhead in a bag of vinegar and let it soak. After that, you can wipe it with a cloth or sponge.
  • Reed Diffuser Refill- Refill your reed diffuser with white vinegar. It’s a great deodorizing agent and cheap. The acid of the vinegar alters the stinking organic molecules in the air. 
  • Mirror Cleaning- Fill equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and use it to clean the bathroom mirrors to get a striking finish. 
  • Toilet Stain Removal- Soak a good amount of toilet paper with white vinegar and rinse under the toilet seat and bowl. It will take off all the hard stains at one go. 
  • Drain Cleaning- Sometimes, the drain gets clogged up with particles and rust that slow down the water flow. We can use some white vinegar, baking soda, and hot water to clean the drains for a perfect water flow.
  • Multipurpose Cleaning Solution- Vinegar with water forms a multi-purpose cleaning solution that can clean a wide variety of surfaces like racks, windows, glasses, plastic cupboard sides, and more.
  • Faucet Cleaning- Deposits of hard water can quickly accumulate near faucet handles and faucet sides. Vinegar helps in dissolving all those.
  • Soap Scum- Scrubbing soap scum from the bathtub sides for hours is a disgusting job. But vinegar can help to erase soap scum very efficiently and faster.


Vinegar has a lot of benefits which we generally tend to miss. But if we keep all the benefits in mind, then vinegar is an excellent option for everyday bathroom cleaning as it’s super cheap and highly acidic. It helps you clean the bathroom more effectively, efficiently, and faster.

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