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The difference between an Architect and Interior Designer

by Sushant
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Physical spaces like buildings, homes, offices, shops, restaurants, and gyms are designed by trained professionals such as architects and interior designers. People often confuse between these two professions. Contrary to popular opinion, these professions are not synonymous, even though some overlap in the job descriptions. This article will talk about these professions in detail and clarify the differences between the two.

What Does an Architect Do?

An architect is a person who designs plans, manages construction, and monitors other aspects of the space. Their goal is to create a building that serves its purpose, is architecturally sound, and aesthetically pleasing. An architect should have technical knowledge regarding the structural aspects of buildings and construction materials. When hired, they consult with the clients and understand what their vision is.

They then propose a plan along with an estimated budget. The plan is structurally, functionally, and aesthetically sound and also meets the legal and safety requirements. Next, they collaborate with the construction workers to ensure that the vision comes to life in the stipulated period and within the budget. They also constantly inspect the site for any deviations or errors. If there are any, they make sure that they are rectified.

Role of an interior designer

An interior designer is more concerned with the creative and aesthetic aspects of a particular space. Once space or structure has been created, the interior designers bring the place to life and give it its unique touch. It is their job to fill and accessorise the interiors.

Once hired, they ask the owners questions that would reveal their plans for the place, their taste, and their personality. Once these factors are taken into consideration, they too propose a furnishing plan keeping in mind the budgetary allocations. Interior designers work with paints, wallpapers, fabrics, furniture materials, lighting, and other accessories.

To be an interior designer, one needs to be creative, have an innovative vision, knowledge regarding the materials and fabrics, and good observation and judicial powers.

Their job frequently requires presenting their idea to the client that involves communication and negotiation skills. The job also requires them to be good observers and judge characters to understand their vision. They should also be good with planning, time, and financial management.

Concluding overview of the differences

  • Roles: Architects deal with the building’s structural or exterior aspects, while interior designers deal with the interiors and furnishings of a building.
  • Expertise: Architects ensure that the building is structurally and functionally sound and meets all the building regulations and safety requirements, while interior designers ensure that a space is furnished to the owner’s taste or space’s function.
  • Focus: An architect’s focus is more technical, while a designer’s focus is on creating a unique touch and appeal.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get a place constructed or renovated from scratch, you need an architect’s services. If, however, you already have a completed structure and are looking for innovative ideas to furnish it, then you must avail the services of an interior designer.

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